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Dental Exams

From an early age, we learn to take good care of our teeth, gums, and mouth. Often, this can feel like a chore. When your diligence is rewarded with a beautiful, healthy smile, it’s easy to see why proper dental care, including dental exams, is so important.

Your child learns from our infant dentist that proper dental care and hygiene can prevent future problems, like cavities, gum disease, or tooth decay. At Wee Care Children’s Dentistry, we dedicate ourselves to creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles for the little ones. In a fun, lighthearted environment, our team of pediatric dentists establishes oral health habits with your child that last a lifetime.

We believe in a preventative approach for one’s oral hygiene by creating and maintaining beautiful,  healthy smiles for younger patients. Teeth, whether natural or with restorations, survive and thrive in a clean, hygienic oral environment. Our preventative program is designed to prevent new cavities, preserve restored teeth, and manage periodontal disease.

This includes brushing teeth twice a day in a circular, angled motion with a soft-bristled toothbrush, flossing every night, eating a balanced diet, and using antiseptic fluoride rinses. Avoiding sticky, sugary foods can be difficult for our adolescent, sweet-toothed patients. However, the combination of all these practices is the best defense against tooth decay.

A study showed tooth brushing with flossing significantly decreased swelling of gum tissue and bad breath in a two-week period. We also offer dental sealants. These plastic coatings protect the chewing surface of a child’s back teeth from decay and cavities.

Food and germs stick in pits and grooves in the teeth. These sealants fill in the grooves, protecting the teeth from a child’s inevitable consumption of those sticky, sugary foods. Children can get them from their pediatric dentist once their permanent molars come in before decay attacks the teeth.

Sealants, daily brushing, flossing, drinking fluoridated water, and regular dental exams are the best ways to protect your teeth from oral diseases. The earlier your child starts going to the dentist and practicing good oral hygiene, the sooner and better they smile.

We believe the best time to implement good dental hygiene into your daily routine is as a child. We are exactly the pediatric and infant dentist where your child’s good oral hygiene should begin.