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Space Maintainers in Augusta

Are you searching for a great pediatric dentist who can provide complete, excellent dental care, including space maintainers?

If so, visit our dental practice, Wee Care Children’s Dentistry. Our dentists are highly trained in providing your child with a full range of pediatric dental services. When you bring your child to our practice, Wee Care Children’s Dentistry, our best dentists see your child. Our dentists are top-notch providers of children’s dentistry services.

Our well-liked children’s dentists are:

  • Dr. Marcus Wilkerson
  • Dr. Amy Alexcovich
  • Dr. Terrin Porter

Our dental practice is committed to providing expert, gentle, and comprehensive dental care for infants, children, and adolescents. We take the very best care of your child’s teeth. We ensure that they grow up to have healthy, beautiful smiles.

Sometimes children need space maintainers to make sure their permanent teeth come in straight and in the right space. Space maintainers make sure that this happens. Our dentists ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and performing their necessary functions.

Baby Teeth are Important for Several Reasons

One reason is that they act as placeholders for permanent teeth. If they are not there to hold the space, the permanent tooth may not be able to come into its right place. Another tooth may move into it.

Sometimes a baby tooth is not there, lost early, or extracted due to toothache or infection. If this happens, we must do something else to hold the space where the permanent tooth erupts. To do this, our dentists make space maintainers for your child.

Space Maintainers Can Either Be “Fixed” or “Removable”

  • Fixed – A fixed space maintainer is cemented into your child’s mouth. It stays in place until the permanent tooth comes in.
  • Removable – A removable space maintainer looks like a dental retainer. The child can remove it from the mouth when necessary.

We Specialize in The Dental Care of Children

If you want to ensure that your child has the best dental care, it is important to bring them to our dental practice.