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Space Maintainers

Have you tried to find a dentistry practice focused on the care of children?

Children’s mouths go through many developmental stages. It is important that your child sees a dentist who understands these different developmental stages. Our top-notch dental practice is fully dedicated to the dental care of children.

At our dental practice, we have three expert, highly trained pediatric dentists on staff. Our pediatric dentists are Dr. Marcus Wilkerson, Dr. Amy Alexcovich, and Dr. Terrin Porter. At our pediatric dental practice, our dentists provide gentle, friendly care for infants, children, and adolescents.

One of the many dental services we offer includes space maintainers for children. A child’s baby teeth act as placeholders for the permanent teeth. This is why it is necessary for baby teeth to stay healthy and in the child’s mouth as long as possible.

Without these placeholders, permanent teeth may end up coming in in the wrong place, crooked, or at an angle. If a baby tooth falls out or is not present, our dentist may recommend the use of a space maintainer for the child to take the place of the baby tooth.

This ensures that the permanent tooth erupts in the proper place and your child will not require orthodontic work in the future. When our patient’s baby tooth is lost, absent, or extracted, our dentist fabricates a space maintainer for them. This space maintainer preserves the space for the permanent tooth.

We offer two different types of space maintainers:

  • One type of space maintainer is called a fixed space maintainer. We cement it into the child’s mouth. It stays there until the permanent tooth erupts.
  • The second type of space maintainer is called a removable space maintainer. It can be removed from the mouth. It is worn until the permanent tooth comes in as well.

If your child needs space maintainers, they can definitely be well-fitted for these dental appliances at our dental practice. If you would like an appointment to see our dentist, contact us at our dental practice here.

We provide many other services, including:

If you would like for your child to see our dentist, contact our office today.